Quality Management

Merplast Limited Company based on the customers' needs and demands in the field of quality in respect of the rules of environmental care and work safety, has implemented inner Management System in 2001. 

Management System Policy

Merplast Limited Company strives in its activity for balanced development which relies on integrated and harmonious approach to technical progress, environmental care and work safety.
Referring to the rule mentioned above, company accomplishes following goals: 

  1. Products' manufacturing and providing services which fulfill high quality standards, assuring customers' satisfaction.
  2. Systematic research of customers' needs and demands; constant raising of quality and competitiveness of our services and products.
  3. Employment of staff, which possesses necessary knowledge and skills; raising its qualifications and awareness concerning responsibility for quality, environmental care and occupational safety and health.
  4. Accomplishing ruling legal requirements concerning environmental care and work safety; improving proecological activities and correcting occupational safety and health conditions.
  5. Improving used technologies and introducing technical progress.
  6. Improving Company's Management System.

Poznań, May, 11th 2007

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