Privacy policy


The Privacy Policy defines the rules of data protection provided by Users in connection with their use of the Website.
The administrator of Community data on the website is: Merplast Spółka z o.o. based in Poznań.
In the interest of security, entrust us with the data we have developed our internal instructions and recommendations that have unauthorized access to the data. We control them and check compliance with the relevant legal acts - the act on the protection of personal data, the act on the provision of services by electronic means.


Personal Data is processed on the basis of the consent expressed in the Copyright Act.
User, data, access rights, the right to lodge a complaint, the right to supervise.
Contact with a person running a business is available at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The Administrator reserves the right to grant permission to access information about court proceedings or to administer data retention.
The administrator does not support personal data.
The administrator has the right to share personal data on the basis of law (eg law enforcement authorities).
Deleting data may damage data.


The site uses cookies. These are small text files sent by the web server and by the computer software. When you browse, you turn on and browse the devices the User connects to. The parameters allow to read information contained in them by the server that created them. Cookies make it easier to determine from previously visited sites. Collected information about the IP address, type of browser used, information about the operating system, Internet service providers, information about time and location, information sent to the website via the contact form.
Collected data for monitoring and checking how the User has the right to use the site, which ensures greater efficiency and trouble-free navigation. Cookies identify themselves, display the content of the website they use, to their needs. Remembering his preferences, the options for skiers advertising him.
Website with cookies to guarantee the highest standard service for our website, the collected data is available only inside Merplast Spółka z o.o. to optimize the day
Our website uses the following cookies:
"Basic" cookies, with services available as part of the site, e.g. authentication files
cookies for services that require authentication within the website;
cookies used to ensure security, eg a page to abuse in the field of authentication within the website;
"Performance" cookies, information on how to browse the web;
"Functional" cookies, "remembering" user-selected settings and personalization of the user interface, e.g. in the language or region of the user's origin, font size, websites, etc.;
"Advertising" cookies that provide advertising content more tailored to their interests.
At any time, the User may disable or restore access to cookies by changing the settings on the website.